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Teicos Pharma has a patent pending for the process to manufacture coated API powders using an aerosol-based method. The process produces a nanostructured rough surface coating on API particles which lowers the contact area between drug particles and thus significantly lowers particle-to-particle and particle-to-surface adhesion. This results in enhanced dosing properties from an inhaler and to the lungs. Consequently, no courser carrier particles (commonly used in DPIs) are needed for the administration of the coated API powders from DPIs.

Teicos Pharma's technology advances result in increased efficacy, more accurate dosing, longer shelf life and more versatile storage, reduced side effects and low manufacturing costs. In addition, Teicos Pharma's technology allows the formulation of certain APIs that are not formulatable today.


  Success factors of drug formulations in general Unmet clinical needs
  Increases ease of use Reduces dosing frequency Improves patient compliant Improves efficacy Reduces side effects Reduces cost New powder formulations Nanodrug formulations Controlled release formulations
Easily scalable process
Low capital cost
Coats almost any drug material
Coats nano and micron sized particles
Enables multi-layer coating of particles
Better flowability > better handling > better
dosing > no need for additional carriers
Better dispersion > better deep lung deposition > wider inhalation profile window
Longer shelf-life and wider storage options

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