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Teicos Pharma's business is the production and sales of a new class of inhalable API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) powders for dry powder inhalers (DPI) based on a novel coating and encapsulation technology.

This technology remarkably improves the dosing and administration of the API from DPIs to the deep lung and eliminates the requirement for coarser carrier particles. The technology is versatile and can be applied to both local respiratory and systemic drugs.

Teicos Pharma's focus is on developing inhalable drug powders of customer specified pharmaceutical agents. Teicos Pharma develops and licenses new drug formulations and reformulations by establishing partnerships with leading drug companies and managing joint development projects.

Teicos Pharma is currently scaling its production for industrial use and is now seeking industrial partners to accelerate the uptake of the technology in the field of DPI inhalation therapy. The company has patents pending on the manufacturing process.

Teicos Pharma Ltd
Heinasuontie 29
00430 Helsinki

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